Hey Sarah any idea who this asshole actually is coz it just disgusts me that people actually do this.... Like *ffs who has the balls*
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I have absolutely no clue who it might be

I truly wish I knew, I wouldn’t let them get away with pulling this shit on my friend.

honestly sweetheart - you can die.
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don’t tempt me.

Seriously who the fuck is this

stop hiding behind anon and telling my friend to kill herself

I will snap your fucking neck you little coward.

^^^ I’m with cuntsman-sniper 

Dude, seriously? I hate people who say shit like that. Stupid anons. 

Sometimes I used to think it to myself though, “just go die already,” but I swear it’s not as bad as it seems. And honestly, I never meant it. I’ll explain why below.

See, I was friends with a girl that was like my sister for 10 years. I was friends with several people like her. We all liked the same things, would do stuff together, and it was all fun and stuff.

Then I had to move away, and my best friend started doing things for attention. As did a couple of other friends, but they weren’t as bad as she was. I’d try to be there as much as I could, I texted them all the time, we had Skype calls and I visited from time to time. But she just kept getting more and more needy, guilt tripping me for things I had no control over, and feigning depression was the biggest hard-hitter.

I’ve been in and out of depression since I was in middle school. I used to cut. I used to be truly suicidal, and even attempted a few times. I used to have panic attacks. I had and still currently have a self-harm OCD where I pull out my hair when I am stressed or depressed. I have two bald spots on my head— one on the very top, the other on the left side, behind my ear. I hide both with a hat when I go out because it makes me feel worse when people stare, but I’ve gotten help and I’m getting better.

My friend would make light about my issues and turn right around and talk about how she was sooooo depressed because her mom wouldn’t let her go to a movie, or when “no one talked to her” when she actually had 20+ active roleplays going on at one time, and was getting replies every 5-7 minutes.

Then one day, we were in a chat room with several mutual friends. We were all talking to her, roleplaying, and in general just having a good time, and she seemed like she was too, until she posted a status that said, “I’m so lonely, no one’s talking to me. I should just go jump off a cliff.” I called her out on it and she didn’t say anything.

This happened for a few years, and her neediness just kept getting worse and worse. She wasn’t depressed at all, I know she wasn’t. You don’t just flip a switch with depression. You don’t go from “oh life is joyous and wonderful” to “I want to die” in the same minute— especially because your mother said “No, you can’t use the rest of your gas to go buy chips and Dr. Pepper, you have to work tonight and we’re broke.”

I’ve never told anyone to go kill themselves. NEVER. But I’ve thought it many a time, especially because I felt like people were making fun of a condition that I have, making light of it and saying that my feelings are the same as a spoiled girl throwing a tantrum. I thought it many a time because at that moment I felt like the world might be a little brighter without someone screaming “I want to die” at the stupidest of reasons. Another friend I had used to talk to me all the time, until I became what I like to call “A Friend of Convenience,” because that’s what you become— someone who won’t say three words to you for months and months, until something happens to them and they have to blare it out to the world. Take a guy I knew in high school. His family wasn’t in the best of financial situations, but he had everything he ever wanted. He used to date girls then wonder why they broke up with him because he’d propose to them two weeks after even knowing them. He used to text me all the time, complaining about how be was never going to find a good girl, or how he never had the money to buy this specific sword replica and so on. He would throw around “depressed,” “kill myself,” and those such things as if he were talking about the weather. 

Then he stopped speaking to me at all. Just out of the blue. Until about a year ago when his first non-depressed message to me in a couple of years was, “hey, I’m dating so and so.” And I was like, “Cool, she’s really nice, glad you’re happy.” Then the next message after that was “I just went to my first ever con!” And again, I said that I was glad and all the usual happy formalities, but by that time I was just so sick of him that I just stopped replying. 

It just infuriates me when someone says “I’m gonna go kill myself” every three minutes because someone’s taking too long to reply, or they’re busy attending a funeral to see to your every whim.

I know it sounds really harsh, and I’ll probably lose followers because of it, but yeah, I thought it. I’ve thought that maybe if one of those people offed themselves then maybe I’d get some peace and not have my situation made fun of anymore. People throw around death and suicide so much that it makes me wan to scream “DO IT ALREADY!!!” So maybe I’d have some time to heal myself, instead of having to listen to crybaby spoiled rotten children complain about everyday life while I sit here and suffer in silence.

D’you know what? I understand what you’re trying to say, people do throw around mentions of death and suicide like it’s no big deal

but you should keep that off my friend’s post and put it on your own blog away from my friend who won’t fucking respond to any messages after getting these anons and saying she’s tempted

she doesnt need to hear this shit she doesn’t need to hear how hard it is for you to “listen to crybaby spoiled rotten children complain about everyday life while you sit there and suffer in silence.”

you are not helping the situation. i understand what you’re trying to say but please try to understand how that might not be the most useful thing to add to this post in this moment of time.

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